The Excel VBA Masterclass, what to expect part 3

The Excel VBA Masterclass, what to expect part 3


Why should you register?

We’ve been working hard to build course content for Our Excel VBA Masterclass and in this second post I’ll reveal a bit more about the course content (as outlined roughly here) so you can decide whether or not it is worthwile for you to attend.

Error handling

A professionally designed VBA project cannot do without proper error handling. In this part of the course we will discuss:

  • Concepts of Error handling
  • What is an error handler
  • Methods to handle errors
    • Ignore all errors
    • The better option: Prevent errors
    • Catch unexpected errors
    • Error handling in routines called from other routines
    • Using a generic error handler
    • The Err object

Up next: Userforms

Tune in next time when we discuss what our course will bring regarding Userforms.


Our Excel VBA Masterclass training covering advanced VBA subjects such as Error handling, Userform design, Class modules and etcetera is open for registration.
Training dates: October 26 and 27, 2016
Location: Zilveren Toren, Amsterdam

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