The Excel VBA Masterclass, what to expect part 5

The Excel VBA Masterclass, what to expect part 5


Add-ins are a powerful addition to Excel. Creating add-ins isn’t hard to do, but there are many things to consider when you decide to deliver your code in an add-in. In this section of the course we will touch on these subjects:

  • When to use an add-in
    as opposed to a “normal” workbook
  • How to develop add-ins
    Things to consider when you’re writing code for an add-in
  • Automating installation
    As simple as it may seem to you, many users have a hard time installing add-ins. Here’s how to help them (and make sure your add-in gets used)
  • Updating Add Ins
    Having one version of the truth is very important. Given that many people use laptops you may want your add-in to be available off-line too. This means a local copy of your add-in will reside on their C-drive. How can you ensure these copies stay up to date?
  • Manual update using central location
    Sometimes all users are connected to the network shares all the time, how can you make sure you can update an add-in used by many people?
  • Programmatically updating an add-in
    Doing it all automagically!

User-defined functions

We’ll talk about UDFs extensively and (amongst other things) demonstrate how code in a UDF can be optimised for speed.



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