The Excel VBA Masterclass, what to expect part 4

The Excel VBA Masterclass, what to expect part 4


Many VBA developers will have started their career with Excel’s macro recorder. Soon after they start to edit recorded macro’s and then discover at some point they need to get information from the user. If this information is more than a simple yes/No or a single choice, or if a specific UI design is needed the most efficient way in VBA is to build a Userform.


We’ll discuss why design of a form is important and what you might consider doing (and not doing)


Anything your form needs to do has to be programmed, this is where Events come in. We’ll talk about them extensively.

Run-time vs design-time addition of controls

If you know up front what fields are needed for your form, you can manually draw them on the designer canvas. But what if there are many controls or if you don’t know up front how many there are? We’ll show you how to handle both processes efficiently.

Treating them as a class

Out of the box, Excel VBA allows you to address a userfrom by its classname directly. We’ll discuss why there are better ways of doing this.

Up next: Add-ins

In our next page we discuss what our course will bring regarding Add-ins.



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