Attendee Feedback

We always ask our attendees for feedback on our training. Below are the results from our Excel VBA Masterclass.

October 26 and 27, 2016

Ratings (1 to 10):

Course 8.6
Instructor Jan Karel Pieterse 8.9
Instructor Tony de Jonker 8.0
Course Materials 8.6

Comments on the training

“… it was nice to go on a course which dealt with some of the finer points of VBA programming and best practice from a true practitioner. You can always look up a bit of syntax, but very few educational resources (online or offline) spend time on things like code optimisation, application level event handling and practical OOP concepts (applicable to VBA). JKP is someone who obviously gives a lot of thought into not just why something works but how it works …and in what circumstances it might not work! I have attended several courses on programming over the years by people who can clearly present, but deftly bat away questions that would indicate real low level understanding of what is happening behind the code and environmental considerations. Jan is a rare breed who can both present in an engaging way but also respond to questions concerning the subtler usage details of the construct being discussed. I would not hesitate in recommending this or any similar course run by Jan, especially if VBA is your main modus operandi.”

“Course was great. From time to time the structure was lacking but all in all it was very good”

“Would have liked to dive into classes even more, learnt a lot!!”

“Very good! I come away with many skills I did not have prior to the course”

“Many useful insichts, options and excercises”

Comments on the instructors

“Calm, clear communication, adaptive and skilled. Could not be better”

“Modest, intelligent”

“Clear explanation with good examples and most important, the reasons why some methods are better than others”

“Seems to know what he is speaking about. Nice tips and tricks!”

“Good explanation of unknown functions in Excel”

“Lots of knowledge, but pay attention whether everyone is able to follow along”

“Super tricks”

“He has an answer for everything, amazing!”

Comments on course materials

“Very comprehensive”

“Very good”

“Good material, although some of the examples needed refining during the course.”

“Pretty much all of the material is in the course book”

“Maybe develop the design of the course materials and make it easier to read (mor space?)”

“Nice book for looking things up in future”

Comments on What did I learn?

“Exposing application level events, classes generally”

“The way how you have to structure and think about your code”

“How class modules work, especially that you can handle events outside “normal” events. Also code optimalisation including how VBA handles different scenarios like type conversions etc. + best practise error handling.”

“Resume, continue, SaveSettings, Application events”

“Error handling, which proved to be easier than I thought.”

“Always check what built-in feature of Excel can provide before starting coding. Anything is possible in VBA”

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