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The Amsterdam Excel Summit 2018 Was outstanding

Two excellent days. That about sums it up for me for our 2018 Amsterdam Excel Summit. The positive feedback we recieved from our attendees and our speakers (just look at the smiles on their faces in the above picture) was overwhelming.

I’d like to  thank everyone who made it possible for our event to become such a success!

We hope to welcome you next year.

Thanks again,

Jan Karel Pieterse

Tony de Jonker

Amsterdam Excel Summit 2018 opens registration

Registration is open!

Our fifth Amsterdam Excel Summit has opened for registration!
June 7, 2018: The Amsterdam Excel Summit 2018
June 8, 2018: The Amsterdam Excel Summit post-conference Masterclasses

Two masterclasses

This year our outstanding event will feature two post-conference masterclasses (on June 8):
The Excel Business Modeling Masterclass
Master your data with PowerQuery

Jan Karel Pieterse
Tony de Jonker

Updated: Speaker line up and two masterclasses

The Amsterdam Excel Summit and The Amsterdam Excel Masterclass

Speaker page updated

Our fifth Amsterdam Excel Summit is scheduled!
June 7, 2018: The Amsterdam Excel Summit 2018
June 8, 2018: The Amsterdam Excel Summit post-conference Masterclass

I promised to keep you posted, so….

We’re in the middle of creating a great program. I have updated our list of speakers.
Mind you, the list is not complete yet as we’re waiting for the information from the Microsoft Product Managers who are going to speak at our conference.

Two masterclasses

Also, I can reveil that we will offer two separate masterclasses on June 8!

More to follow soon.

Jan Karel Pieterse
Tony de Jonker

Live blog Amsterdam Excel Summit, Day 2

Our second day of our Amsterdam Excel Summit has started!


Our pretty banner 🙂

Coffee first!

Guy Hunkin from Microsoft showing off all things new in Excel 365

Our enthusiastic audience

Jon Peltier getting ready for his presentation

Frederic le Guen showing all sorts of nice details about Power Query (Get And Transform)

Proof of being present…

Charles Williams bringing us up to speed with all the different technologies to automate Excel

Oz explaining when (and when not!) to use PowerQuery

Lunch time!

Gašper Kamenšek with a great demo of bing maps and PowerQuery

Henk Vlootman scratching his head to figure out how to answer a hard question…

But providing the answer of course!

I was there too!

Sometimes work prevails…

Our French speaking attendees (and speaker)

Tips and tricks by mister tip himself; Tony!

Ken telling us what Power BI was like in 1990

Which raised a few questions!

Who wants to play “assistent”?

It’s not hard, it’s easy!

O, really?

Sudhi from Microsoft preparing for his talk

Together with his colleague Jakob

The full goup!

And a very warm thank-you to our presenters!

The Excel VBA Masterclass: We got outstanding Attendee feedback


Alas, all good things come to an end and our Excel VBA Masterclass is no exception to that rule. We had two days crammed full with VBA information.

Event summary

The atmosphere was vibrant and enthusiastic as our group selfies show:


and at the end of day one, most attendees even stayed longer in order to be able to spend extra time trying to solve one of our challenging assignments:



On top of all this, we received excellent feedback from our attendees. Read all about the event feedback here.

The Excel VBA Masterclass, what to expect part 5


Why should you register?

We’ve been working hard to build course content for Our Excel VBA Masterclass and in this mailing I’ll reveal the last bit of the course content (as outlined roughly here) so you can decide whether or not it is worthwile for you to attend.


Add-ins are a powerful addition to Excel. Creating add-ins isn’t hard to do, but there are many things to consider when you decide to deliver your code in an add-in. In this section of the course we will touch on these subjects:

  • When to use an add-in
    as opposed to a “normal” workbook
  • How to develop add-ins
    Things to consider when you’re writing code for an add-in
  • Automating installation
    As simple as it may seem to you, many users have a hard time installing add-ins. Here’s how to help them (and make sure your add-in gets used)
  • Updating Add Ins
    Having one version of the truth is very important. Given that many people use laptops you may want your add-in to be available off-line too. This means a local copy of your add-in will reside on their C-drive. How can you ensure these copies stay up to date?
  • Manual update using central location
    Sometimes all users are connected to the network shares all the time, how can you make sure you can update an add-in used by many people?
  • Programmatically updating an add-in
    Doing it all automagically!

User-defined functions

We’ll talk about UDFs extensively and (amongst other things) demonstrate how code in a UDF can be optimised for speed.


Our Excel VBA Masterclass training covering advanced VBA subjects such as Error handling, Userform design, Class modules and etcetera is open for registration.
Training dates: October 26 and 27, 2016
Location: Zilveren Toren, Amsterdam