April 18 and 19, 2017

Our speakers

Frédéric Le Guen

Frédéric has discovered Excel in 1996 (Excel 5) and he was immediately interested to explore the possibilities of this tool. This passion has led him to make his living out of Excel. He is now freelance consultant in Office development and Business Intelligence. He has worked for companies in France, Germany and Malta.

At the beginning of the web, he quickly realized the interest of sharing his knowledge through a website. Thus, he created his very first website in 1999 and in 2002 he has rebuilt its website to give birth to www.excel-exercice.com which is the most visited website about Excel for French speaking community. In 2005 he has created www.excel-exercise.com for English-speakers and he became an Excel MVP in 2010.

He has also written 4 books on Excel (all in French) about the way to create macros, Excel 2013, Business Intelligence with Excel and Power Query

He will present a complete solution based on Power Query to import data from the web to be integrated in a workbook. This demonstration will interest all the people who work with several currencies and who waste a lot of time converting values to their local currency.

David Hoppe

David Hoppe
About five years ago, David fell in love with Excel when he attended an online training program on building dashboards in Excel. Consequently, he found out about the work of data visualization expert Stephen Few (perceptualedge.com). David immediately was intrigued by overlap between data visualization, psychology and communications. Ever since, David is all about implementing data visualisation theory using bare boned Excel. David holds a Masters degree in cognitive psychology and published both his bachelor and master in the field of perception studies and real time visual feedback learning. Currently, he works as communications advisor for a large Dutch insurance company. David is the second prize winner of the state Migration Dashboard Contest, by Chandoo.org (Read more) and will launch his website www.excelusive.com during the Amsterdam Excel Summit 2016.

Guy Hunkin


Guy is a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft. Since joining Microsoft Guy has been working in the Excel team, focusing on improving of business analytics experience and integration of Power BI tools in Excel. Prior to joining Microsoft, Guy was a Director of Product Management in the Online Gaming industry leading two Product Management teams in a day-to-day activity. Guy also has a strong engineering background and held various engineering positions before that.

Tony de Jonker

Tony de Jonker
Tony is a consultant and the owner of De Jonker Consultancy. He helps companies with specific knowledge on the cutting edge of business/finance and development of Office applications. Tony has over 36 years of business experience and has worked for renown national and international companies. Tony writes Excel columns for various technical magazines, among which the Dutch magazine “Tijdschrift Administratie”. Tony also features at various training classes by Kluwer: Masterclass, Dashboards, Projectmanagement and Infocharts. Tony received the Microsoft MVP Award in January 2015.

Gašper Kamenšek

Gašper Kamenšek lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He’s a trainer at Kompas Xnet, where he tries to share his knowledge and enthusiasm about his digital love, Excel, with as many people as he can. When he’s not knee deep in Excel, he’s to be found somewhere in BI projects consisting either of PowerPivot and SQL, Excel and VBA and lately Power BI, which seems to be endless in its variations of applicability. The thing he finds most fascinating about Excel is that although he uses it every day, it still finds ways to surprise and amaze him. He has a blog at excelunplugged.com which is a testament to his amazement with Excel.

On 10.1.2016 he became a Microsoft MVP for Excel and after attending the Amsterdam summit as a bystander for two years running, this year he’ll take part in a new role, as a speaker for two sessions and is looking forward to seeing you there!

Jakob Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen is a Principal Designer in the Microsoft Office team working on Excel and Office for professional developers and end-user builders. In his 20+ years at Microsoft he has worked with enterprise customers and partners in Microsoft Consulting Services and on the Dynamics and SharePoint products.

Jon Peltier

Hello, I’m Jon Peltier, of Peltier Technical Services. I’ve been a full time Excel developer since 2004, and part-time since about 1995, combining Excel’s worksheet functionality and charting capabilities with its powerful VBA programming environment to produce solutions in engineering, finance, and marketing. With VBA and Visual Basic, Excel can be integrated with PowerPoint, Word, and other applications to supplement its analysis and reporting capabilities.

I am a metallurgist by training, with a Doctor of Science degree from MIT. I have over 20 years experience in research and development, and more recently in manufacturing and production support, in the aerospace, automotive, and industrial parts industries. My background includes Statistics, Total Quality, and Six Sigma. I first got involved with computers in grad school, using tiny desktop computers to control mechanical testing equipment, to monitor tests and collect data, and to chart results. Back in those days, you programmed a plotter to draw your chart for you. It was up to you to compute axis scales, move the pen to computed points, draw markers and labels. Applied algebra, I guess.

I started using Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite as part of my job: doing research, analyzing data, and writing reports. But I soon became obsessed with all things Excel, first with formulas, then with XLM (no, not XML!), and finally with VBA. I was awarded as a Microsoft Excel MVP in 2001, and reawarded every year since.

I’ve put together an extensive web site and blog (http://peltiertech.com/), which emphasize Excel charting and programming. Many of the tutorials and examples are techniques for achieving charting effects that, at first glance, seem impossible. I am active in Microsoft’s online help forums and in other online forums, such as Mr. Excel. I can be reached at jon@peltiertech.com.

Ken Puls

Ken Puls

Before stepping into Excelguru Consulting Inc full time in May 2015, Ken spent over twenty years working in public practice accounting and industry as both Controller and an IT Director. Ken has led the installation of over a dozen systems conversions and implementations of various types, and been exposed to a vast amount of business systems, including point-of-sale systems, databases, and analysis tools, some of which he wrote from scratch.

Ken has also been an active participant in many Web forums since 2002, and hosts a website at www.excelguru.ca, which provides code samples for working with Excel, other Microsoft Office applications and free utilities. In fact, NASA has even made use of this site, using some of Ken’s PDFCreator examples to automate the production of PDF reports which monitor the power supply levels on the International Space Station.

In recognition of his contributions to the online community Ken has been recognized with the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award every year since 2006. In March of 2013 Ken was also recognized as one of the “Top 20 Under 40” Business and Community Leaders on Vancouver Island, and in November 2014, he was also recognized as a Fellow in the CMA Society; an honour given to less than 2% of CMA’s in their lifetime.

Ken has a passion for teaching people how to build business intelligence, specifically focusing on Excel and Power BI. He gets most excited about the topics he know will save YOU time and make you more efficient.  Your software should work for you, and that’s his focus.

Sudhi Ramamurthi

Sudhi is a program manager at Microsoft. His bio will be posted soon…

Oz du Soleil

Oz is a Microsoft Excel MVP and YouTube personality. His Excel videos are known for being bold, overly dramatic, sometimes brash, and his passion for clean data and effective use of Excel are always present.

After a layoff in 2008 Oz started freelancing as an Excel developer, and teaching Excel workshops. This exposed him to a vast array of data-related needs in businesses of all sizes, and in many industries. What eventually became clear was, “without clean data, there is nothing. No dashboards, no analysis, no insights, no nothing!” Thus, everything Oz does with data is rooted in concern for data quality and data literacy.

Oz co-authored Guerrilla Data Analysis 2nd Edition with Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen. Oz lives in Portland, OR; is a veteran of the US Navy, and is in a documentary about sriracha hot sauce, Sriracha: a Documentary by Griffin Hammond.

Henk Vlootman

Henk Vlootman

Henk Vlootman has worked as an Excel trainer since 1992. In 2010, with the introduction of the self-service BI tools in Excel, he has taken a different path. Nowadays he is much involved in porting Excel Power pivot models to SQL Server Analysis Services and PowerBI.

Henk has been an Excel MVP since 2013. In 2016 he was awarded with a double nomination: Excel and Data Platform MVP. Henk has a great interest in the new Microsoft Power BI (desktop) product. He is board member of the Power BI User Group Holland. He has presented at Excel congresses such as the Dutch Excel Experience Days, the ModelOff congress and PowerBI meetings in The Netherlands and Canada. He also speaks at PASS SQL Saturdays in England, Germany and Holland.

Henk has written several Excel and Power Pivot books in the Dutch language. His newest book on Power Pivot (Co-author Michiel Rozema) is on the market since 2016. In 2016 Henk started a new company for Excel and Power BI training: www.NextLevelExcel.nl.

Charles Williams

Charles Williams

Charles worked at IBM for many years in a wide variety of roles, mostly in personal computing and decision support, before starting Decision Models in 1996 with the objective of providing consultancy, software development and tools for decision support. Decision Models started building dynamic, large and complex market sizing models and so was soon bumping up against the memory and performance limits of Excel and VBA. Exploring these limits and understanding how Excel works became a fascinating challenge and has led to his website, blog and commercial FastExcel products at:



Charles has done extensive research on building User Defined Functions using various technologies and has built a commercially available library of over 80 high-performance functions. Recently he has been exploring what the Excel Javascript interface has to offer.

Charles has been an Excel MVP since 2009.

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