May 26 and 27, 2016

Our speakers

Yigal Edery

Yigal Edery

Yigal is a lead program manager in the Excel team. Yigal joined Microsoft back in 2002 and played leading Program Management roles in several Microsoft products, including ISA Server (now known as Forefront Threat Management Gateway), Desktop virtualization (MED-V), and Windows Server. Prior to joining Microsoft, Yigal was VP R&D of Finjan Sofware, working on Internet security in the early days. Yigal holds a BA degree from the Bar Ilan university in Computer Sciences, Economics and Philosophy.

David Hoppe

David Hoppe
About five years ago, David fell in love with Excel when he attended an online training program on building dashboards in Excel. Consequently, he found out about the work of data visualization expert Stephen Few (perceptualedge.com). David immediately was intrigued by overlap between data visualization, psychology and communications. Ever since, David is all about implementing data visualisation theory using bare boned Excel. David holds a Masters degree in cognitive psychology and published both his bachelor and master in the field of perception studies and real time visual feedback learning. Currently, he works as communications advisor for a large Dutch insurance company. David is the second prize winner of the state Migration Dashboard Contest, by Chandoo.org (Read more) and will launch his website www.excelusive.com during the Amsterdam Excel Summit 2016.

Guy Hunkin


Guy is a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft. Since joining Microsoft Guy has been working in the Excel team, focusing on improving of business analytics experience and integration of Power BI tools in Excel. Prior to joining Microsoft, Guy was a Director of Product Management in the Online Gaming industry leading two Product Management teams in a day-to-day activity. Guy also has a strong engineering background and held various engineering positions before that.

Jon Peltier

Hello, I’m Jon Peltier, of Peltier Technical Services. I’ve been a full time Excel developer since 2004, and part-time since about 1995, combining Excel’s worksheet functionality and charting capabilities with its powerful VBA programming environment to produce solutions in engineering, finance, and marketing. With VBA and Visual Basic, Excel can be integrated with PowerPoint, Word, and other applications to supplement its analysis and reporting capabilities.

I am a metallurgist by training, with a Doctor of Science degree from MIT. I have over 20 years experience in research and development, and more recently in manufacturing and production support, in the aerospace, automotive, and industrial parts industries. My background includes Statistics, Total Quality, and Six Sigma. I first got involved with computers in grad school, using tiny desktop computers to control mechanical testing equipment, to monitor tests and collect data, and to chart results. Back in those days, you programmed a plotter to draw your chart for you. It was up to you to compute axis scales, move the pen to computed points, draw markers and labels. Applied algebra, I guess.

I started using Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite as part of my job: doing research, analyzing data, and writing reports. But I soon became obsessed with all things Excel, first with formulas, then with XLM (no, not XML!), and finally with VBA. I was awarded as a Microsoft Excel MVP in 2001, and reawarded every year since.

I’ve put together an extensive web site and blog (http://peltiertech.com/), which emphasize Excel charting and programming. Many of the tutorials and examples are techniques for achieving charting effects that, at first glance, seem impossible. I am active in Microsoft’s online help forums and in other online forums, such as Mr. Excel. I can be reached at jon@peltiertech.com.

Bob Umlas

Bob Umlas works for a major tax and accounting firm, using Microsoft Excel® 8 hours a day, writing custom applications for staff and clients.
He has been using Excel since version 0.99 (on the Macintosh)!
Mr. Umlas was voted an “MVP” (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft for the last 22 years.
He is the author of “This isn’t Excel, it’s Magic!” which is available from http://www.iil.com/publishing as well as from Amazon.com. Another book, “Excel Outside the Box” is available from http://www.mrexcel.com and is for the very advanced Excel user. And most recently there’s “More Excel Outside the Box” also available from mrexcel.com.
He has been the technical editor for about 15 books on Excel.
At the completion of the 2013 world Excel Modeloff competition on 12/8/13, this was noted (see the last sentence):
“The winners were announced at Microsoft’s Manhattan offices Sunday afternoon. Four teams of finalists competed in four rounds of Excel Golf, trying to get the shortest formula to solve four particular problems. The Australia/New Zealand team won this event, sharing a $4000 prize. I’ll note that Excel MVP Bob Umlas was in the audience and twice offered formulas that were shorter than the winning formula”

Henk Vlootman

Henk Vlootman

I do training activities around Microsoft Excel, Power pivot, Power Query and Power view. I have developed a method for composing manageable and effective Excel models (Method Vlootman). The trainings can be in the Dutch or English language.

On behalf of Microsoft Netherlands I act in promotion videos around the introduction of Power pivot and Power view in the Netherlands.

I am founder of the Dutch LinkedIn group ManagingExcel. I am co-founder of the LinkedIn group PowerPivot NL.

I did presentations at the Dutch annual Excel Experience days, the Belgium Excel4business dag, the Dutch Excel praktijkdag and at the annual EuSpRIG (European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group).

On behalf of Microsoft Netherlands B.V. I do presentations and demonstrations about Power pivot and Power View at Sogetti Business intelligence Syposium (Netherlands), Financial Systems (Netherlands) and IDG CIO Summit (Netherland)

On behalf of SmartSharePoint Solution I performed at the Excellence in Reporting (Paramaribo, Suriname, 2014)

I presented“Hurdles between modeling Excel Power pivot towards SQL power pivot.” at PASS SQLSaturday (London, UK).

Part of my work is In-company trainings and personal coaching for managers working in profit- and non-profit organizations.

In cooperation with Rafael Liethof (Ϯ) I wrote a theme article for Uitgeverij Rendement about investment budgeting and In cooperation with Felienne Hermans, (assistant professor at TU Delft) I wrote a paper for the annual EuSpRIG (European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group) in London.

I write books in the Dutch language: “Excelmodellen voor financieel-economische informatie” (ISBN 978-90-01-70496-4), “ExcelLeren” (ISBN 978-90-01-81125-9). Both books were published by Noordhoff Uitgevers. With Michiel Rozema I wrote “Praktijkboek Power pivot in Excel” (ISBN 978-90-43-02736-6), published by Pearson / Microsoft Press.

On behalf of Vakmedianet I write a monthly column about Excel / Power pivot for the FM Ezine and the Controllers Emagazine.

Charles Williams

Charles Williams
Charles has worked at IBM for many years in a wide variety of roles, mostly in personal computing and decision support, before starting Decision Models in 1996 with the objective of providing consultancy, software development and tools for decision support.
Decision Models started building large and complex market sizing models and so was soon bumping up against the memory and performance limits of Excel. Exploring these limits and understanding how Excel works became a fascinating challenge and has led to his website, blog and commercial FastExcel products at:
Charles has been an Excel MVP since 2009.

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