Program Day 2

May 26th and 27th 2016, 26 en 27 mei 2016

Program for The Excel Charting And Dashboard Masterclass (May 27th, 2016)
Het programma van The Excel Charting And Dashboard Masterclass (27 mei 2016)

(The program for day 1 is located here)

We have prepared an excellent and exciting program, spanning one day for the Summit and one post-conference masterclass.
We hebben een een uitstekend programma samengesteld, bestaande uit één dag Amsterdam Excel Summit en één post-conferentie dag masterclass.

All presentations during this event will be in English.
Merk op dat de voertaal van de dag Engels is.


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Zilveren Toren Amsterdam
Stationsplein 51-53
1012 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Map and Directions

9:00 Registration Registratie
9:15 Start and introduction of speakers by Tony De Jonker & Jan Karel Pieterse
Begin van de dag en presentatie van de sprekers door Tony De Jonker & Jan Karel Pieterse
09:30 Clean Data and Clean Formatting for Excel Charts

Jon Peltier

We will discuss what makes good source data for Excel charts (nice arrangement of data, header rows and columns, no blank rows, \ columns, or cells), how to quickly validate data with a chart, and how to manipulate a chart’s source data. We will also talk about using appropriate chart types and just enough formatting (but not too much!) to clearly convey your data.

11:00 Break and networking opportunities
Pauze (netwerkmogelijkheid)
11:15 Dynamic data visualizations

David Hoppe

Be ready to blow your mind. In this workshop, communication & visualization expert David Hoppe ( will craft dynamic data visualizations that you thought were impossible. You will learn how to build pivot charts without using pivotcharts – a technique that allows you to utilize the advanced formatting options that pivot charts lack, and additionally has some surprising applications for creating advanced data visualizations too. Besides, you’ll be introduced to the fascinating world of mini charts, a.k.a. sparklines, going way beyond the built-in sparklines features of Excel. As a bonus, David will share his mini charts addin that will greatly facilitate building custom sparklines on your own!

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Use dynamic references to build a chart
  • Dynamically reference a pivottable’s output range
  • Exploit the pivot table layout for charting purposes
  • Use and interpret advanced sparklines
  • Build an array of mini charts using a custom addin
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Techniques for Building Charts and Dashboards

Jon Peltier

  • Working with Small Multiples
    • Easy ways to control alignment and position of multiple charts.
    • Easy ways to manage source data of multiple charts.
  • Working with multiple pivot charts
    • Changing source of pivot chart to a different pivot table.
    • Dynamic and Interactive Charts and Pictures
15:15 Break and networking opportunities
Pauze (netwerkmogelijkheid)
15:30 Create Insightful Charts in Excel

Tony de Jonker

You can give more meaning to your charts by adding shapes such as text boxes, lines, stars and callouts combined with controls. These shapes will dynamically highlight important events in your chart without using any VBA. Learn the secrets of mashing up existing charts with XY charts and how to display important notes depending on the period chosen. We’ll show you practical examples such as break even charts and actual versus forecast charts.

17:00 Wrap up by Tony De Jonker & Jan Karel Pieterse
Afsluiting door Tony De Jonker & Jan Karel Pieterse


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