April 13th and 14th 2015, 13 en 14 april 2015

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Don’t take risks, check your spreadsheets

Check your spreadsheets

Everyone makes mistakes. If you use spreadsheets this will also happen to you and every Excel-user would like to trace and fix these errors swiftly.


ExcelAnalyzer is a powerful Excel add-in for Excel users and is designed by Spreadsheetsoftware to make spreadsheets understandable again and without errors.
ExcelAnalyzer is now free for trial for 30 days.

Download the SpreadsheetSoftware brochure



PivotTable CoursePivotTables are the most powerful feature of Microsoft Excel. They allow you to analyse more than 1 million rows of data with just a few mouse clicks, show the results in an easy to read table, highlight key business metrics and create graphical dashboards for your monthly management presentations.

MyExcelOnline offers the most comprehensive PivotTable course which includes over 200 tutorials! You will learn how to customise, analyse, group, sort, filter, use Slicers, chart, conditionally format, add macros and apply all this knowledge to real life business cases.

Learn how with these free videos and workbooks


Infotron: Dealing well with Excel yourself, but want to understand, validate and improve your spreadsheets?


Able 2 extractInvestintech was kind enough to offer a free license for all attendees to their tool Able2Extract!

Able2Extract PDF converter allows you to extract data from tables trapped inside PDF files to Excel spreadsheets accurately and with great ease. The row and column structure will stay exactly the same in the new spreadsheet format, minimizing the need for additional adjustments. Data is immediately ready for re-use.

The Custom Excel conversion panel allows you to adjust row and column recognition in complex PDFs with multiple tables of different formats, in an intuitive and visual way. Further modifications, like rows and columns merging and splitting are also supported.
The software is available to test as a 7 day free trial.

See examples of PDF to Excel conversion

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