Masterclass Program

June 7 and 8, 2018,
7 en 8 juni 2018

Program for The Excel Business Modeling And Reporting Masterclass, June 8, 2018
Het programma van de Excel Business Modeling And Reporting Masterclass, 8 juni 2018

(The program for day 1 is located here)
(The program for the 2nd masterclass is here)

All presentations during this event will be in English.
Merk op dat de voertaal van de dag Engels is.

If you would like to follow along with the presenters, make sure you bring your laptop. Our presenters will typically be using the most recent version of Office 2016. Using an older version? Make sure you have the PowerQuery and PowerPivot add-ins installed.
Wilt u meedoen met onze presentatoren? Zorg dan dat u een laptop meebrengt. Onze presentatoren zullen vooral de meest recente Office 2016 versie gebruiken. Gebruikt u een oudere versie van Excel, installeer dan in ieder geval de PowerQuery en PowerPivot invoegtoepassingen.


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Level Eleven, Zilveren toren Amsterdam
Stationsplein 51
1012 AB Amsterdam

Please note this program may be subject to change!

Start End Subject
08:30 09:00


09:00 9:15

Start and introduction of speakers

Tony De Jonker & Jan Karel Pieterse

09:15 10:30

Having confidence in your forecast

They say Insight + Hindsight = Foresight, so how do you deploy this in practice? This session will consider predictive forecasting using several approaches, all relatively straightforward in Excel. Come along and improve your forecasting confidence levels accordingly.

  • Difference between risk and uncertainty
  • Rolling forecasts, moving averages and weighted moving averages
  • Regression analysis in the real world for non-PhD statisticians
  • Incorporating seasonality / cyclicality
    Two second forecasting using Excel 2016
  • It is not essential that attendees use Excel 2016 for this course.

Liam Bastick

10:30 11:00 Break and networking opportunities
11:00 12:15

From Excel to Power Pivot

Power Pivot is a great tool to analyze a huge volume of data in Excel but the way to return results is totally different from the logic of Excel. This session will explain you this logic and how to create measures.

  • Presentation of Power Pivot
  • The best way to structure your data
  • Workshop to learn the logic of Power Pivot
  • Basic measures are the most important.
  • Building a data model

Frederic Le Guen

12:15 13:15 Lunch
13:15 14:30

Effective Data Transformations

Power Query is an incredible data transformation tool but it requires a different mindset than we’re used to in native Excel. Lots of tasks are much easier in Power Query but, we can’t do the things we’ve come to love and adore over the past 30 years; e.g., create helper columns, type directly into cells, copy-paste ranges of cells. And there is no un-do!
In this session you’ll see Power Query features, but we’ll focus on efficient, effective data transformations in this new world:

  • Segmenting data but keeping it all connected
  • Testing solutions when there’s no un-do
  • Reducing clutter in your workbook
  • Anticipating and addressing what might go wrong
  • Deciding how to import your data

Oz Du Soleil

14:30 15:00 Break and networking opportunities
15:00 16:15

The greatest Sales Report in the world

A get-your-hands-dirty demo session on how to create a great Sales Report in Power BI from raw data coming from SQL server, Excel Worksheets and other sources. All fitted perfectly into a data model and coupled with a dynamic Calendar, basic and advanced measures and visualized in Power BI. The highlights will be:

  • consolidating quantities and Pricing
  • Side by side comparison with Forecast
  • Time Intelligence DAX (YTD, PY…)
  • Power BI Reports

Gašper Kamenšek

16:15 16:45

Tips & Tricks

Bob Umlas

16:45 17:30

How to build Excel Models

There are some rules you need to know when building complex Excel models. This session will show you the basic rules of building Excel models. It is loaded with tips and tricks to get more out of your Excel model. Become a real Excel Pro by mastering the structure of your model.

  • Ranges versus tables. How to perform ETL in your Excel model.
  • Position is everything. Stop thinking in dashboards; start thinking in calculations
  • Using names to get grip on your model.
  • Performance issues: how to work efficiently
  • Matrix windows versus pivot tables

Henk Vlootman

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