April 18th and 19th, 2017, 18 en 19 april 2017

Program overview

Our fourth Amsterdam Excel Summit features two days packed with Excel sessions. We’ve summarized the sessions below so you can get a good impression about what you can expect this Summit.

Pre-conference training day: The Excel Data Analysis And Reporting Masterclass, April 18, 2017

Join us for this pre-conference day (limited seats available!) and our Excel cracks David Hoppe, Gašper Kamenšek, Jon Peltier and Oz Du Soleil will teach you how to create stunning and maintenance-friendly dashboard reports in Excel. They will take you through all steps involved, such as:

  • How to use streaming datasets in Power BI
  • Which technology is most fit to import your data (Do you really always need PowerQuery?)
  • What does it take to prepare your data for charting
  • How do I piece together a good-looking dashboard

Find more details on our Masterclass Program page

The Amsterdam Excel Summit, April 19, 2017

Join us for an outstanding and one-of-a-kind day fully packed with Excel experts. We’ll have 10 speakers presenting a great variety of subjects:

  • A keynote by Microsoft Excel Program manager Yigal Edery, bringing us up to speed on what’s next for Excel
  • A total of eight sessions split over two tracks:
    1. The “Power BI” track, covering a variety of subjects all related to the Power tools of Excel:
      • Currency conversion in PowerQuery
      • When to use PowerQuery and when not (or how to make PQ do that anyway)
      • Moving beyond Excel with Power BI
    2. The “Deep into Excel” track covering a wide range of subjects including things like:
      • What programming technology should I use to automate Excel?
      • How do I make sure my financial model is correct?
      • Using Bing Maps in Excel
  • A session by a Microsoft Program manager bringing us up to speed on the new JavaScript for Office extensibility model.

Find more details on our Summit Program page


Register soon, as the number of available seats is limited!

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